My Garden Box: Box #4

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today I’m going to quickly share with you all what I got in my fourth box from My Garden Box!


This month’s box was themed “A Sedge With Edge”. In my box I received:


-Three plants

-One bag of soil and fertilizer

-One bag of black pebbles to use as a plant topper

-One stainless steel planter

-A magnetic name card and a piece of chalk

-An info card, sticker, and piece of candy

Once I had everything out, and I read through the information on these plants, I got to potting!


This month’s box was super easy to pot, and I think that they will be pretty easy to care for. Here is the finished product:


As usual I love this box and am amazed at the value of each one. These are highly recommended for anyone who loves plants, or wants to get more into indoor gardening. I also think that these boxes make great gifts! I’m always super excited when I get my shipping confirmation every month, and I know your special someone would as well!


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Houseplant Tour: Prayer Plants and Peperomia

Hey guys!

Once again, we have finally made it to the weekend!

Today I am going to be sharing another portion of my houseplant tour with you all. Today’s plants are definitely the most colorful and exciting of all of the plants that I own!

We’ll start out today with my Peperomia, as they are much easier to explain than Prayer Plants.


Peperomia obtusifolia


Peperomia argyreia or Watermelon Peperomia

The great thing about Peperomia is that they are relatively small plants that are also pretty easy to take care of!

Peperomia need medium to bright, indirect light but are pretty forgiving if you don’t have the best light. They are also pretty laid back when it comes to watering. I usually water mine on Friday mornings!

When it comes to fertilizer and humidity these plants are still super laid back. They like a basic plant food between spring and fall, and they can handle normal household humidity!

The most difficult thing that I’ve had to deal with concerning my Peperomia is the lack of light that I got in my room during the winter months. However, this affected all of my houseplants, so I guess it wasn’t the Peperomia being picky!

There are a ton of awesome varieties of these plants, so I would definitely recommend them to someone who is just getting started with indoor gardening!

While Peperomia are easy to care for, Prayer Plants are on the opposite end of the spectrum. These are delicate, but beautiful plants that need a lot of attention on a daily basis.


Some basic Prayer Plant care tips and information are:

Water Needs: High. These plants like moisture and humidity. I usually water all of these twice  week. Also, they need to be watered with distilled or filtered water as fluoride can be harmful to their leaves.

Light Needs: These plants prefer low to medium light. If they get more light than this, their leaves could burn. A super cool thing about these plants is that they take in light from the day, and conserve it at night by moving their leaves depending on whether it is day or night!

Fertilizer: They need to be fertilized from early spring to late autumn.

Humidity: These plants LOVE their humidity. I usually spray these with distilled water two or three times a day. If there isn’t enough humidity the leaves on these will start to turn brown on the edges as you will see below on my Calathea ‘Fusion White’.


Calathea ‘Freddie’


Calathea lancifolia


Calathea ‘Fusion White’


Stromanthe Triostar


Calathea veitchiana

These plants are the most colorful, and the most exciting plants that I own. There is something so magical about the intricacies of the foliage on each of these!

I hope that you all have enjoyed learning about some of my favorite plants!

P.S. I have another prayer plant on the way, my dream plant, a Calathea orbifolia! I can’t wait to share that one with you all once it arrives!


My Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Hey guys!

Today marks the middle of Dead Week here at the University of Kentucky. That means that my stress level is through the roof, and I will be working nonstop between now and May 4th at 12:30 pm!

One of the things that helps me to relax is to clean. I know, I know, I’m completely crazy. Cleaning is one of the things that makes me feel the most productive, and the most put together. I have a daily and weekly routine for cleaning and organizing, but today we’re going to be talking about some things that I either haven’t done since I moved in, or that I haven’t done in a long time.

These tasks are not something that I do often, maybe once or twice a year at most. So I thought that while everyone is in a spring cleaning mood, I would share with you all some of the tasks that I want to tackle soon!

  1. Wash Curtains and Shower CurtainACS_0141ACS_0142ACS_0143

2. Dust Baseboards


3. Steam Clean Carpets


4. Wash Comforter and Pillow Shams


5. Deep Clean Microwave and Refrigerator


These are the five tasks that I am most excited about tackling. Hopefully I’ll get most of it finished this weekend while I’m taking breaks from studying!

What are your favorite tasks to do when you get in the mood for spring cleaning? I would love to know so be sure to leave those in the comments below!


15 Quotes For When You Need To Be Inspired

Hey guys!

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite quotes that help me to stay inspired and determined to be the best version of myself! Whether you’re having a bad day, or if you just need a great Instagram caption, these quotes are for everyone and I think they can each teach us some awesome lessons!

I_ve always wanted to fight for people who didn_t have arms. I_ve always wanted to speak up for people who don_t have a voice. I've always wanted to protect people who couldn't pQuote11Quote2Quote13Quote4Quote10Quote3Quote14Quote6Quote5Quote12Quote15Quote7Quote9Quote8

I hope that you all found some sort of inspiration in these quotes. I know that I do every time I see these.

Stay wonderful!


What’s On and In My Desk

Happy Saturday friends!

I hope that you all are having a fabulous weekend so far, and that you’re ready to do some more organization with me!

A few weeks ago I shared with you all how I keep my life as a whole organized using my planner and my blog calendar here on WordPress. This week, I wanted to focus on my desk/vanity.

As you all know if you’ve seen my post Welcome to Apt. 3315, I created a desk and vanity combo that I use every single day.


My vanity, chair (no longer available), and mirror are all from Target!

Since I use this space all the time, I felt that it was very important to give every piece it’s own space within the desk.

I have essentially split the storage in this writing desk in half. One side is for makeup and beauty products, and the other side is for my office supplies.


I try to keep the top of my desk as clutter free as possible! I don’t know about you all, but clutter makes me anxious and it doesn’t promote a stress free life for me. I need for things to be organized in order to think clearly, and that’s exactly what I have tried to accomplish in this desk.

I keep my pencil/makeup brush holder on the left side of this desk with my other makeup products such as lipsticks, foundations, and eyeliner. Other than the lipsticks, I use all of these products on a daily basis. This makes it super easy and speeds up the process of getting ready in the morning!


The left side of my desk is very simple. Here we only have a lamp, my favorite candle, and one of my Peperomia! I like having this side of the desk nearly empty. As this isn’t a huge tabletop, I felt that it was necessary to keep this section as minimal as possible!


In the beauty drawer of my vanity I keep all of my face products, except for my foundations, my eyeshadow palettes, and some samples that I recently received from ULTA and Sephora. I also keep some backups of my favorite products such as my mascara, setting spray, and foundation.


On the office side of my desk I keep my stapler, a spare calculator, a flash drive, and various other office supplies. I also keep my dry shampoo, hair clips, and deodorant in this drawer because as you can see, my beauty drawer is nearly full!


I usually sit at this vanity to get ready in the morning, and then again to do any homework I have, or to write any of my blog posts!

Since I have made this space organized and clutter-free, I am able to focus in this area and be productive. As a college student it seems that my workload never actually gets any lighter. Because of this, I felt that it was necessary to create a space that felt like home, but that still inspired me to keep going and get the job done on a daily basis.


Having specific spaces for everything in my home, including my desk/vanity, has helped to keep my stress at a pretty low level throughout this school year. Even when it seems like I have a million things to do, it’s super helpful to know that I have my own area where my success is the focus.


I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what was on and inside of my desk!

I also encourage you to get organized during all of your spring cleaning endeavors! I truly believe that organization is one of the keys to becoming the best you, and I hope that you take on that challenge.



My Garden Box: Box #3

We have made it halfway through this week friends, and I am halfway through my My Garden Box subscription!

Today I am going to show you all what I received in my third box from My Garden Box.


This month’s theme was “Twas an Allusion”


As usual I received a card with instructions for re-potting the plant, and with basic information about the plant that I received. This month’s plant was a Syngonium ‘Berry Allusion’.

Below is everything that I received in this month’s box!


I received:

-One Plant

-One terra cotta pot and saucer

-One bag of soil, fertilizer, and natural moss

-One copper plant label


This plant was super easy to re-pot, especially with the instructions that are provided!


Once I had this new friend in its new home, I placed it on my new bookshelf!


I think that this is my favorite plant that I have received so far from My Garden Box! This plant is so beautiful. As usual it was super healthy when it arrived, and was not damaged in the shipping process at all!

I continue to be super impressed with My Garden Box and recommend them to anyone who wants to get into indoor gardening!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 2.04.36 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 2.04.54 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 2.05.08 PM

As you all know, I am subscribed to the “My Monthly Plant” box! The cost of this box is:

Month to Month $21.50 per box

3 Month Prepay: $20.50 per box

6 Month Prepay: $19.50 per box

12 Month Prepay: $18.50 per box

I also continue to be amazed at how this company packs so much awesome stuff into these boxes every month for the price! These plants would be awesome as gifts, activities for kids, or perfect for anyone who is new to houseplants or wants to expand their collection.


I already can’t wait for next month’s box!


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Houseplant Tour: Sansevieria

Happy Saturday!

I hope that all of you are having a fantastic weekend! Today we are going to be starting a new series. This series will be a Houseplant Tour, but I am going to give you tips and tricks for all of the plants that I have!

I hope that this series encourages all of you to make your homes a little greener. As a college student in an apartment I don’t have a ton of time to be outside, or near nature at all! I didn’t even realize that I missed having my mom’s flowers and garden around me until I moved to a place with more concrete than grass.

This week we’re going to be discussing Sansevieria, or the Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.


If you all have been reading for awhile, you know that Herman the Snake Plant was my very first houseplant!

Herman is a Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii. I found him at the Kroger Marketplace in Somerset for $12.99 back in August. He is still doing great, and he definitely changed me into the crazy plant lady that I am today!

These next few photos are some of my favorites of Snake Plants that I’ve seen on Pinterest. You can find these and other photos in my Plant Lady board!


There are many different varieties of Sansevieria. Here is a photo that highlights the differences in some of these varieties:


Snake plants are considered to be nearly impossible to kill. They can handle a variety of light conditions, but as most plants, they do best with medium to bright, indirect light. These plants can also handle erratic watering schedules! I usually water my snake plants once a week, until the soil is moist.

I have three of these plants, and they are all different varieties. As I said earlier, Herman is a Sansevieria laurentii. I also have a Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’ACS_0063ACS_0062 and a Sansevieria ‘robusta’. 


These last two are new additions to the family, so I haven’t had the chance to name them yet! If you have any name ideas, make sure to leave those in the comments below!

With light and water needs out of the way, we can focus on fertilizing, humidity, and re-potting.

I have not started fertilizing these plants yet as spring has just sprung. When it gets a little warmer I will start fertilizing these once a month with a diluted cactus/succulent fertilizer. My favorite is the Miracle-Gro Liquid Succulent Food.

Sansevieria is a succulent type plant, so it does very well in normal household humidity. However, they can tolerate dry conditions caused by drafts or air conditioning vents!

While these plants are super easy-going, they do not love to be re-potted. I usually re-pot my plants as soon as I bring them home, but then I will wait until they are completely root bound before I move them to a larger pot. This could take one to two years, so be patient!


Sansevieria are one of the top ten air purifying plants based on a study done by NASA! They remove Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Toluene.

These plants are poisonous to dogs and cats, so make sure to keep your furry friends from eating your green friend!



I hope that you all have enjoyed learning about Sansevierias! These plants are gorgeous, and are perfect for anyone who is new to plant care, busy, or someone who wants more of a decoration than a living thing to care for!

These plants also go with any decor! They can be found at your local Lowe’s, Walmart, or Home Depot. If you’re brave enough to order a plant online, Hirt’s Gardens has a ton of varieties of these lovely plants!

Please let me know if you have any other questions about these plants. I would love to talk everything green with you all!


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