Tempur-Adapt Pillow Review

These products were sent to Miss Sophisticated Chaos for a review. As always these are my honest thoughts and opinions on the products. 

With the school year coming back extremely quickly, I am trying to get all aspects of my life in order, including my sleep schedule. This summer my schedule changed weekly, affecting my nighttime routine, and the amount of sleep I could get each night. Because of this, I felt sluggish, foggy, and just plain exhausted most days.

Early this year Tempur-Pedic came out with the new Tempur-Adapt line of pillows. Each pillow in this line is specifically made for a certain sleep position, or body size. Plus, they are currently 25% off!

ProHi Pillow: Designed for side sleepers or larger frames.

ProMid Pillow: Designed for back sleepers or medium frames.

ProLo Pillow: Designed for stomach sleepers or small frames.


As I’m a smaller frame I have been using the ProLo and the ProMid over this past week, and they have both made a difference in my sleep. I noticed immediately that I slept deeper, for longer, and quit waking up in the middle of the night to re-adjust my position!


These pillows are also great because they have a 5 year repair or replace warranty, a washable cover, and the Tempur technology that we all know and love. These pillows were actually released to complement the new Tempur-Adapt and Tempur-ProAdapt mattresses. These new mattresses are created with materials that relieve pressure, reduce motion, and give you a deeper, more relaxing sleep every night. I can confirm that these pillows do exactly the same thing for me, as these new and innovative mattresses were made to do.


These pillows come in a queen or a king size, and the queen fit perfectly in my standard pillow cases. I also loved that the ProMid and ProLo pillows are soft and extra soft. I don’t love a super firm mattress or pillow, so that was great for me!


Overall, I think these are great investments if you struggle to get consistency in your nightly sleep. Especially since they are designed for specific sleep positions and body sizes, so they can essentially be individualized for everyone. They’re also a great way to easily improve your quality of sleep if you’re not ready to invest in an entirely new sleep system.

Let me know if you’ve tried any Tempur-Pedic products in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Tempur-Adapt Pillow Review

  1. I didn’t know they had pillows like this! I’m kind of all over the place when I sleep, so not sure which I’d prefer! I think I’m mostly a side sleeper though so maybe I’ll check out the “high” pillow!

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