Lazy Day Project: Spring Refresh

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing how I refreshed my outdoor space for spring! If you love Lowe’s, Homegoods, warm weather, and flowers be sure to keep reading!

This was a super easy project for me to complete! One day after class I convinced Zach to come with me to both Homegoods and Lowe’s. I knew that I wanted to find a floral wreath and that I wanted to get some flowers as well.

We started out at Lowe’s. I had been talking to my mom about which outdoor plants to get as she is the crazy perennial plant lady!

ACS_0081 2ACS_0082 2

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, but since my mom didn’t have a ton of luck with these I had to pass on them!

As we were shopping I made sure to read the care instructions that are attached to each plant to make sure that they could handle the back and forth of Kentucky temperatures.

ACS_0083 2ACS_0084 2ACS_0085 2ACS_0086 2

I knew that I wanted to use two 12 inch pots and place a variety of plants in each. I ended up purchasing seven different perennials, and used another 10 inch pot for the seventh plant.

ACS_0087 2ACS_0088 2ACS_0089 2

I was super excited about what I found at Lowe’s! I tried to get one taller plant per pot, one medium sized plant, and then one shorter plant for each pot. I also focused on sticking to the same color palette for each of the two pots. I got one pink, one blue/purple, and one yellow for each pot.

I found a lovely floral wreath at Homegoods for only $24.99! It matches the color palette of the flowers perfectly and will be incredible for both the spring and the summer months.

Once I got home I began to strategically place and repot each of these plants.

ACS_0090 2ACS_0092

I filled up each pot about halfway with a basic potting soil before I places the plants in their spots. I wanted to add some height to these arrangements and knew that I could achieve that by putting more soil in first.

I even got Zach to join in on the fun!


Once we had successfully made a huge mess in my kitchen, all of the flowers were in their new homes! As always after repotting, I made sure to give these plants a good watering before setting them outside.

Below I will insert a photo of all of the care instruction cards that I had for this project. I have put these in a drawer so that I can refer to them if I’m ever having an issue with one of these plants.


Here is the finished product!

ACS_0114ACS_0097ACS_0095ACS_0080 2

I love each of the aspects of this spring refresh, but I think the wreath is my favorite!

It’s been about a week since I purchased these plants and I have had to bring them inside a couple of nights since Kentucky weather is totally unpredictable! I have also been watering these guys once a day to make sure that they are staying hydrated.

Be sure to let me know what you think of this spring refresh, and what you’re going to do to get your decor ready for spring!


FTC Disclosure: This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links.


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