What’s On and In My Desk

Happy Saturday friends!

I hope that you all are having a fabulous weekend so far, and that you’re ready to do some more organization with me!

A few weeks ago I shared with you all how I keep my life as a whole organized using my planner and my blog calendar here on WordPress. This week, I wanted to focus on my desk/vanity.

As you all know if you’ve seen my post Welcome to Apt. 3315, I created a desk and vanity combo that I use every single day.


My vanity, chair (no longer available), and mirror are all from Target!

Since I use this space all the time, I felt that it was very important to give every piece it’s own space within the desk.

I have essentially split the storage in this writing desk in half. One side is for makeup and beauty products, and the other side is for my office supplies.


I try to keep the top of my desk as clutter free as possible! I don’t know about you all, but clutter makes me anxious and it doesn’t promote a stress free life for me. I need for things to be organized in order to think clearly, and that’s exactly what I have tried to accomplish in this desk.

I keep my pencil/makeup brush holder on the left side of this desk with my other makeup products such as lipsticks, foundations, and eyeliner. Other than the lipsticks, I use all of these products on a daily basis. This makes it super easy and speeds up the process of getting ready in the morning!


The left side of my desk is very simple. Here we only have a lamp, my favorite candle, and one of my Peperomia! I like having this side of the desk nearly empty. As this isn’t a huge tabletop, I felt that it was necessary to keep this section as minimal as possible!


In the beauty drawer of my vanity I keep all of my face products, except for my foundations, my eyeshadow palettes, and some samples that I recently received from ULTA and Sephora. I also keep some backups of my favorite products such as my mascara, setting spray, and foundation.


On the office side of my desk I keep my stapler, a spare calculator, a flash drive, and various other office supplies. I also keep my dry shampoo, hair clips, and deodorant in this drawer because as you can see, my beauty drawer is nearly full!


I usually sit at this vanity to get ready in the morning, and then again to do any homework I have, or to write any of my blog posts!

Since I have made this space organized and clutter-free, I am able to focus in this area and be productive. As a college student it seems that my workload never actually gets any lighter. Because of this, I felt that it was necessary to create a space that felt like home, but that still inspired me to keep going and get the job done on a daily basis.


Having specific spaces for everything in my home, including my desk/vanity, has helped to keep my stress at a pretty low level throughout this school year. Even when it seems like I have a million things to do, it’s super helpful to know that I have my own area where my success is the focus.


I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what was on and inside of my desk!

I also encourage you to get organized during all of your spring cleaning endeavors! I truly believe that organization is one of the keys to becoming the best you, and I hope that you take on that challenge.




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