How I Stay Organized

Hi friends!

This weekend I am going to be giving all of you my tips and tricks on how I stay organized as a busy college student. Between 15 hours of classes, my part time tutoring job, homework, exams, the blog, and every other thing that I have going on, it’s extremely easy for me to get stressed out!

Organization has always been one of my strengths. Whether it be my closet or my workspace, I find joy in knowing that everything has a place, and that there is a system for keeping my life in check.

My biggest tip for everyone, especially college students is to invest in a planner. I have personally used the Lilly Pulitzer large planner for every year that I’ve been at UK, and I truly would be lost without it.

planner 2

As the 2018 agendas are no longer available, I am going to link some of my other favorite planner options below!

I love the Lilly planner and these other three options because they all have monthly overviews, weekly spreads, and spaces to write down your daily to do lists.


As you can see on my monthly overview for March 2018, I only write down big events, my editorial calendar for the blog, and when I need to water my plants. All of these things are important for me to keep organized, and it’s nice to be able to open my planner and see what all I have to do for the month.

For the month of March I only had two big “events”. They were spring break, and mine and Zach’s Asheville Trip. Having these times of the month blocked off help me to manage my time when it came to getting homework finished before break, and reminding me not to take on an extra shift at the tutoring center since I would be leaving Lexington on Thursday night.

My editorial calendar is probably the biggest help in organizing the blog! I have at least one post per week planned throughout the month of May, and this calendar helps me to organize my posts so that there is a variety of content throughout the month.

Also, as a crazy plant lady I needed to make a schedule for watering all of my little green friends! Each of them needs a different amount of moisture, so this monthly overview helps me to keep track of which plants need care on each day of the week.


The part of my planner that I look at most frequently are these weekly/daily spreads. This is where I keep track of all of my assignments, exams, tutoring schedule, and when each blog post needs to be posted.


As you can see, I also use highlighters to help keep me organized. Once I have finished an assignment, or shared a blog post on all social media, I highlight that specific task that way I know that it has been completed!


My planner also has a large section for notes, which I use to write down any blog ideas that I have. I also use this section for keeping track of yearly doctors appointments, and any project ideas!


As you can see, once I have scheduled an idea on my editorial calendar, I will highlight it that way I know that I have already planned for each specific post!

I also use the drafts section of my blog to help keep me organized online.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.56.01 PM

As you can see in this screenshot, I have the next five posts already in my drafts. This helps me to know which posts I need to be focusing on at the current moment. This helps me to keep track of when I will take and edit photos, and helps me to focus when I sit down to write!

When it comes to organizing my daily life, my best friends are my planner, a highlighter, and Bic wite-out. This is the system that works for me, but it has constantly evolved over the past three years.

Using this system every day, including the weekends, helps me to stay one or two days ahead on my assignments and a week or more ahead on the blog. Without organization and this system I would be a ball of stress!

I would love to know what systems you all use to stay organized! Be sure to let me know in the comments below!


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