DIY: Zach’s Media Console

Hello friends!

This weekend I am bringing you part two of the DIY shelving situation that happened in my apartment a few weeks ago! In the first installment I took you all through the process of building Skyler a bookshelf, and this week we’re tackling Zach’s media console.

Be sure to check out this link as it was the inspiration behind Zach’s project!

Zach started and finished this media console on the same day that we worked on Skyler’s DIY bookshelf. Since this DIY was also a little more complicated than our past shelving projects, Zach began this project at his dad’s house, where there are a lot more tools!


Once he got back up to Lexington, we basically just had to put all of the pieces together! Here is the console before we screwed it all together. Zach wanted to make sure that all of the pieces would fit together as they were supposed to.


From here this project was very simple! All he had to do was screw the angle irons to the pieces of wood, and make sure that they were level.


As with Skyler’s bookshelf, Zach had to proclaim that this shelf was sturdy and complete by standing/sitting on top of it!

Zach also decided to use the Miniwax Polyshades Stain in the shade Espresso. Just as Skyler did with his bookshelf, Zach chose to do two coats so that this media console would be more rich in color!


Here is the media console once the two coats of stain had been applied:


The most difficult part of creating this console was transporting it from Apt. 3315 across the complex to Zach’s apartment.

Skyler and Zach got their annual workouts in by carrying this thing up and down 4 flights of stairs!


I love the way that Zach’s console turned out! He takes a much more minimal approach to decor, and that shows in how he styled this piece.

He placed some records, his new snake plant Jim Bob, his bust of Richard Nixon, and his valet tray on the console.


The main reason Zach decided to DIY this console was because of how empty this side of his room was once he put his gallery wall together. I think that this was the perfect solution as this piece isn’t too large, and fits together perfectly with the gallery wall! Also, Zach can never have too much storage for his record collection that is constantly growing!

Let me know what you think of this week’s DIY, and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!




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