Lazy Day Project: More Shelving!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am beyond excited that we are halfway through this week. Midterm week for college students is never fun, especially when it’s the week before spring break, and when you wake up with snow on the ground!

Through all of the craziness of midterm week I am bringing you all another Lazy Day Project, and once again, it involves shelving!

I have recently adopted the philosophy that you can never have too many shelves. Before I moved into this apartment I never understood the people on HGTV shows that needed so much storage throughout their homes. However, I think that I have become one of those people!

This was a super simple shelving project because I bought these shelves from Target instead of doing a DIY. What can I say, sometimes you want to be creative, and sometimes you want to be lazy and get results immediately.

These are the shelves that I purchased from Target:


Here are some other floating shelf alternatives that I absolutely LOVE!

-Del Hutson Designs Handmade 24 inch Rustic Pine Floating Wall Shelf (Set of 2)

ArtifactDesign Wood Floating Wall Shelf, 17 inches (Set of 2)

-HOMFA Floating Shelves

I purchased these shelves so that I could add some balance in my bedroom. If you saw my Lazy Day Project: Bedroom Shelving Refresh, you know that I recently got some more houseplants and they were all living along the wall opposite of my bed. Because of this, I felt like this back corner of my room felt a little empty.

I decided to hang these shelves on each side of my world map that I got from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.


We didn’t really even need a drill for this project. For most of the hanging process, Zach just used this screwdriver like you see above!

The hardest part of this project was making sure that the shelves were centered, and placed evenly along the wall.

Another cool thing about these wall shelves is that they came with all of the hardware. So for $30 total I got both shelves, and everything that I needed to hang them! The alternatives that I have linked above also come with all of the hardware, so you won’t need to worry about screws or anchors!


These were the perfect shelves for this project because I knew that I would be moving some of my plants over to this side of the room. Since most of my pots are 6 inches in diameter, I needed a wall shelf that was at least 6 inches deep. My white shelves on the other side of my room are 5 inches deep for reference!

The dimensions of these shelves are 2 inches wide, by 11 inches long, by 8 inches deep so they were exactly what I was looking for, and I got the last two at the Lexington store!


Here is the finished product! I think that Freddie, Narcissa, and Stewart are happy in their new homes. Stewart and Freddie have even put out some new leaves!

I love how this turned out! There was something about these shelves that truly added that balance that I was looking for. Also, moving some of the plants added some of that balance as well.

Be sure to let me know what you think of this project in the comments below!

I hope that you have a wonderful day, and a great rest of the week!


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