Lazy Day Project: Bedroom Shelving Refresh

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you ANOTHER Lazy Day Project from Apartment 3315!

This project, or room refresh, came about because of my newfound obsession with houseplants. I have discovered that the easiest way to warm up a room is to add some green and a terracotta pot!

Back in January I added some succulent planters to my desk and to my windowsill. Once those succulents joined the family, there was no turning back. In a matter of one month I have added TWELVE plants to my bedroom. Why yes, it is starting to look like a jungle in here, but I absolutely love it.

After I bought my Calatheas and had Zach make me some planters for them, I would lay in bed and stare at the shelves on my wall. They began to look bare, and even a little cold compared to the rest of the room.

Here is how they looked before the refresh:


Yes, they were simple and gorgeous, but I wanted something a little bit warmer. Especially since Skyler had bought me this amazing Gryffindor print for Christmas!


One Saturday morning I decided that I was going to drag Zach to Lowe’s and Homegoods with me so that I could find some inexpensive replacements for the items that were on these shelves.

In my head I had pictured a long English Ivy that I could teach to grow along the wall, and some color. I had recently fallen in love with some blue and white printed vases at Homegoods, and I knew that I wanted to add a few to these shelves. If you’ve seen my Lazy Day Project: Living Room Shelves, you know exactly the blue and white vases that I’m talking about! I love these pieces because they remind me of the blue and white porcelain pottery that started during the Tang Dynasty in China beginning in the seventh century. These pieces are definitely different, but there is something about the various designs, and this specific color of blue that reminds me of the Chinese pottery.

During my excursion I found a baby English Ivy at Lowe’s, and some of these vases at Homegoods. I immediately brought them home!

I actually ended up replacing the tallest vase with another one from the same collection. This one reminded me of a beach ball, and that wasn’t exactly the style that I was going for!

Once I had found the pieces, this was a super easy project to put together. All I had to do was repot Wanda (the English Ivy) and style the vases with my existing photos and the Gryffindor print.

Here is the end result:


As you can see, this really warmed up this area of my bedroom, while adding a new member to the plant family, and adding a new personal touch with the Gryffindor print.

I also purchased a ladder shelf from Amazon to hold my interior design and plant books, and so that I could style the three Magnolia Market vases that had been on the floating shelves.


Overall, I love how the various shelves, and this entire wall turned out! I think that it’s a positive thing to change up your environment, and to play with different styles in our homes. After all, we as humans continue to grow and change throughout our lives. It only makes sense that our style would as well!

Here is a photo of the planters that Zach made! Make sure to let me know if you want to see a post on them! I love these planters, and they’re even more special to me because Zach was the one who created them!


Aren’t the Calatheas beautiful? I think that they may be my favorite genus of plant.

Lastly, here is the final, finished product!


I love looking at this area of my room now, and I hope that you like the change as much as I do!

Also, here is the link to the Etsy shop where Skyler purchased the Gryffindor print! The artist is absolutely fantastic and has a piece for everyone. Be sure to check her out!

Make sure to share this post, and to let me know what your favorite part of this shelving refresh was in the comments below!

Thank you so much for joining me today!


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