Lazy Day Project: Hallway Shelf

Welcome back friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’ll be showing you a little Lazy Day Project that we did this past weekend.

Since I moved in to the apartment the hallway has been the place that has seen the least amount of love. We’ve debated on art, a console table, and any other thing you could think of to fill the space on the left side.

This past weekend Skyler and I had a whole day where we ran errands. One of these was to Homegoods, so that Skyler could find bookends for a bookshelf that he is building. As you all probably know, one cannot simply walk into a Homegoods and only look at one section. While we were meandering through all of the aisles, we discovered this gem for only $30!


It took us approximately 30 seconds to decide that we should, in fact, buy the shelf, and then another 15 seconds to start looking for things to put on the shelf.


Here we have Skyler holding two of the pieces that we used to style this shelf!


And here we have him holding all of the cereal that we bought after we left Homegoods. Please don’t judge us!

Once we got everything home, this quickly became one of the easiest projects that we’ve ever completed. Essentially all we had to do was use a drill to secure the shelf to the wall.


Once the shelf was attached and secure, we started to style using the pieces that we purchased. All of these pieces, except for one, were under $10!


Above I have attached individual images of all of the pieces we purchased.

They are:

-A white ceramic Buddha that smells like Vanilla Brown Sugar! $3.99

-A Grey/White Speckled Candle $6.99

-Grey/Black Metallic Vase $16.99

-Gold 5×7 Picture Frame $5.99

-Not Pictured: Gold 4×6 Picture Frame $4.99

To fill the frames we just chose our photos and printed them on the printer we have at home!


Here we have some pictures of that process! Skyler chose the photos and printed them, then we traced around where we needed to cut on the sheet of paper, and this last photo is of the finished product with our 4×6 frame.

Once we had the photos in their frames, and these gorgeous tulips from Whole Foods cut and in the vase, we were ready to put it all together!

We had already come up with the layout of this shelf, and we knew exactly where we wanted everything to go, so this process was even quicker than hanging up the shelf!


Here is the finished product!


I hope that you all love this shelf, and the way we styled it, as much as we do. This is currently one of my favorite pieces in our apartment!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! I would love to know what you think, or what kinds of Lazy Day Projects you would like to see in the future!

Have a wonderful day!



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