Lazy Day Project: Succulent Gardens

Anyone who has seen my apartment knows that I LOVE houseplants. There is something about them that brings so much color and life into a space! As of this moment, there are five plants of various shapes and sizes in my living room. If Skyler and I adopt any more, our home could be considered a jungle.

However, in my bedroom, until today I only had my snake plant that I have named Herman. Over the past few weeks I’ve been debating on purchasing another plant so that Herman wouldn’t be so lonely while I’m at class and work most days of the week. On this snowy, academic holiday I decided to take the plunge and add some new friends to the family!

The real reason that I decided to incorporate a succulent garden was because of these planters from Hearth and Hand. Joanna Gaines can do no wrong in my book, and these planters were calling my name as soon as I saw them online.

The first step to my gardens was to lay down an inch or two of pebbles. This allows the water to drain a little easier, and will help my desert friends to not be sitting in water for long periods of time. Overwatering is the easiest way to kill succulents, and I definitely didn’t want to hurt my new friends! The pebbles I got were with the vase fillers at Target!

Pebbles SmallPebbles Both

The next step for me was to plan out the layout of the gardens. I left the plants in their plastic pots and rearranged them until I found the layouts that I enjoyed.

Plan SmallPlan Large

The next step was to take the plants out of their pots and to put them in the potting soil. Since it is January, none of the stores I went to had special succulent/cactus soil. After doing some research, I discovered that this was totally okay! As long as the soil is quick draining the succulents should be fine! Also, 3 of the 6 plants in our apartment are considered succulents, and they have been doing very well in a basic potting soil.

Soil LargeFront View SmallTop View SmallTop View LargeAngled View Large

The last step in this process was to find space in my bedroom that will be beneficial for these plants. Succulents like a lot of sunlight, and dry climates so I chose to put one on my desk, and one on my window. Let’s all start praying now that I don’t kick the larger planter in my sleep!


I am lucky enough to have an east facing window in my bedroom. This is great for most plants because it provides bright, indirect light. This is the type of light that most plants, including succulents prefer. A south facing window is best for succulents, but and east facing window is perfectly fine!

Thank you all for taking the time to read about my lazy day project! I can’t wait to share more lazy day projects in the future!




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