The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

October 1st is the start of Christmas Season to me. I have always loved the cold, snow, Christmas trees, presents, lights, music, movies, and every other aspect of the holiday. To me there is something magical about the winter months.

Combining my love for Christmas and interior design began at a young age. It seems to me that every year I would beg my parents to put the tree up earlier and earlier. I asked for a tree in my bedroom. There was even a year when I had tinsel garland and twinkle lights hung from every wall in my bedroom.

Now that I have my own place, and a roommate who is just as extreme as I am, I knew that I could find a way to bring most of my Pinterest dreams to life.

You can say a lot of things about Skyler and I, but you can’t say that we do anything halfway! I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our minds and Pinterest boards. Welcome, once again, to Apartment 3315!

Christmas Doorway UnlitWelcome Mat, Large Lantern, Small Lantern,Mini Trees

Our main color palette can be seen immediately at the front door. We wanted to stick with silvers, golds, whites, and emerald greens. Once again, I used a mood board to keep us focused on what our end goal was.


I started finding products for my bedroom much earlier than for the common area. It took awhile to get Skyler on board with decorating, and thinking about Christmas so early, but I eventually managed to bring him to the dark side!

In my room, I focused more on the golds, silvers, and whites since most of my furniture and decor are either white, grey, or wood-toned.

Christmas Bedding Close Up

Throw Pillow

Christmas Bedding Wide ShotChristmas NightstandChristmas DeskBedroom Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree, Tree Topper, Tree Skirt

Bedroom Shelves (Christmas)

 Wood Art, Joy Metal Sign, Noel Metal Sign

Bedroom Tree and Shelves

My favorite aspect of my room is the tree. It’s 5 feet tall (just like me!) and makes for a cozy lamp at night. Most of the tree accessories, and candles on the shelves came from Homegoods here in Lexington, so you know that they stayed in budget!

The living room is without a doubt my favorite spot now that we’ve decorated for Christmas. When we get home from class we usually plug in the twinkle lights and use them to light our room until we go to bed. That coziness on these cold days is another aspect of the Christmas season that I absolutely adore!

Christmas Couch and Shelves

Green/Navy Throw Pillows

Gold ReindeerSilver SleighLiving Room Side Table

These silver and gold accents all came from Homegoods, and were all under $10!

Coffee Table

 Coffee Table Centerpiece

Living Room Throw Pillow

Magnolia Market Throw Pillow

Christmas Tree, Tree Skirt, Tree Topper

Our Christmas tree is centered directly in front of our window. We did this so that it would be the first thing you see as you enter the apartment, and because you can also see it from the parking lot. Our goal is to spread the Christmas cheer to as many people as possible!

Next, we tackled our kitchen cabinets. We knew that we wanted to extend the decor throughout the common area so that there would be a nice flow throughout the room. This project may or may not have included a drill, tupperware, tape, and me climbing on the counters.

Kitchen Cabinets UnlitKitchen Lit

Garland, NOEL Letters

The entertainment center was the last area that we decorated. We found our stockings at Target from the new Hearth and Hand collection. Most of our traditional green items are from this collection. It is absolutely beautiful and Joanna Gaines can do no wrong!

Art, EC, Mirror Wide FrameApothecary JarsStocking Close Up


 This corner is where we had to get a little creative! We removed one of our lamps to make room for the silver tree, used Command hooks and tape to attach the garland to the mirror, and filled the decanters with water and food coloring to add some traditional colors to the area.

Mirror Close Up LitBar Cart Close Up

As you can see, we are more than prepared for this holiday season! I can’t wait to celebrate my 20th Christmas this year with all of my lovely friends and family. Even though the lights and decor are fun, the best part of the season to me is getting to come together with my family, friends, church family, and every other person in my life. There’s a feeling surrounding this time of year that I can only describe as optimistic and magical!

Living Room Ornaments Detail

Thank you for taking the time to peek into my mind, and my home. Happy Holidays to you all!



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