Sophisticated and Chaos

One of my biggest issues with society today is the emphasis on labels and fitting in. As a freshman in college I’ve realized that I’ve spent the better part of my eighteen and a half years trying to fit into the mold of what society tells me that I should or shouldn’t be.

In middle school I turned to cheerleading because I thought it would make me popular like in the movies. In high school I stressed about grades and was adamant about joining every club because I thought that’s what would make me good enough in the world’s eyes.

Although I found people to hang out with, I never felt like I truly belonged. One day I would feel totally at ease with one group of friends, and the next day I’d feel like a fish out of water. Sometimes I would even swear that I was born into the wrong generation. Even now, there are days where I want to dye my hair, get a tattoo, and move to Africa; and then there are other days where I dream of being the CEO of my own company, with my colonial style mansion and hydrangea bushes in the front yard.

My issue with labels is that they confine us and define us. They make us all feel like we have to think, behave, and want certain things out of life depending on which “clique” we fit into. You’re either the prom queen or the loner; it seems that there’s no way that you could be both or the world would spontaneously combust.

My problem was, and still is, that I fit into multiple categories. I try my hardest to choose to embrace all aspects of my personality and who I am. I refuse to confine myself to one specific label so that the status quo can stay intact.

One thing I want to do with my life is be an activist. I want to be someone who stands up and speaks up for what she believes in. I want to be the girl that people can look up to and aspire to be like, and most of the time that requires me to bring out my inner Brooke Davis. Forcing societal labels to go extinct is just one of the many items on my to do list.

I chose the name Sophisticated Chaos because that’s what I am. I’m a ball of fire and blonde hair. I’m more than just one specific label. I’m more than what society tells me that I should be.

I’ve discovered that it’s not necessary to “fit in”. I’ve realized that God didn’t create me to “fit in”. I’m meant to be myself and to stand out. I’m a mixture of sophistication and chaos and that’s perfectly okay.



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